JW ~ sketchdraft

Read and played a lot of doorstopping adventures since I was a kid, so I gotta return the favor with new adventures.

  • Fanworks: Mainly chipping away at Vivify, a series of Dragon Quest XI fics centered around Erik and Serena that gradually decenter the original adventure for slice of life silliness—while also raising fundamental questions about its cast and the game itself. Sometimes I try to be a steward for Magus of the Library, a criminally obscure manga (you'll probably like it if you like anything I've written), by writing stuff and finding tidbits + artwork to post on its subreddit. Any longform stuff I write about either will be on my tumblr.

  • Original Fiction: (someday...)

  • Actual Website: Intentionally old-fashioned, pretty much all of my nonfiction writing finds its way here; mostly musings about whatever videogames or books I have enough thoughts to write about plus the occasional little life journal.